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** Price for full set of wheels, rings and standard hardware

.305(7.7mm)  Front Lip Depth

Front bead  18 holes 

***Wheel inner diameter is 1.81" (46mm)

*************All wheels are to dimensions below********

Weel width from bead to bead is  .885" (22.5mm)

Standard depth wheel is .510" (13mm) from back of wheel to hub mounting face

Front depth is .305" (7.7mm) from front of wheel to face

SLW 6 bolt hub compatible 2.5mm and 4-40 screws fit.


Weight 68 grams each


1.9 "Portal Friendly" Dins with 7.7mm Lip Plain Rings

  • If your pre-order wheels are not completed within the 3 week time of order there is a 100%  money back guarantee.

    These Are sold as wheels only no rings, hubs or hardware

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