I always like to have a pen on me to be able to take a quick note, be prepared at any meeting or just jot something down when needed, but the problem is I don’t always have a shirt pocket to carry full length pens and throwing them in your pants pocket is a pain.

There are several “pocket pens “on the market, but most of them still take up too much space and are uncomfortable to use for long writing stints. With that in mind, the LP-5 resulted as I set out to make one of the most compact and comfortable pens to date.


Closed Position- the LP-5 measures 2.8 inches (71mm) in length and .43 inches (10.9mm) in diameter -  making it very easy to store in your pocket, purse or any other convenient place.

Posted Position - While in use the LP-5 becomes a full-length pen measuring in at 4.8 inches (121.8mm) in length and .33 inches (8.4mm) diameter grip making it a very comfortable writing instrument.

Materials and Weight

The LP-5 comes in 4 different metals, each providing distinctly different experiences.

Aluminum -The lightest of the four materials, 6061 aluminum won’t be too heavy in the hand, but still provides a sturdy pen that will last. Now available in anodized colors!

Brass- Machined from solid 360 Brass this LP-5 offers a classic look that you can only get from brass.

Copper –Machined from solid Tellurium copper rod this LP-5 offers the unique look of copper. As copper ages it develops its own unique patina that will give you an ever-changing appearance.

Stainless Steel –Machined from solid stainless-steel rod this LP-5 offers the feel and weight of a steel pin with a material that will last a life time

Titanium –Is there anything that matches the weight and feel of solid titanium? Machined from solid rod of CP-2 titanium offering a feel and look like no other. So why grade 2 and not grade 5? Simple, saving you cost. I believe grade 2 titanium as a pen gives you the same feel and performance of grade 5 but at half the price. I want to make a product that not only looks great, but at a good value. Choosing grade 2 titanium delivers that

Weight of the LP-5 is as follows:

Aluminum - 0.5 ounces

Brass- 1.2 ounces (34 grams)

Copper - 1.3 ounces (37 grams)

Titanium - 0.7 ounces (19.8 grams)

Refill Options

The LP-5 comes in two variations to suit the needs of any EDC.

The D1 Refill -To allow for more flexibility, we’ve also designed a model to hold the smaller, D1 refill which comes in a wide variety of styles and writing experiences.

Refills in this size are manufactured by Zebra, Fisher Space Pen, Uni, and many more.

(Selection of the refill type will occur after the campaign has funded during the post-campaign survey.)

The D1 version of the LP-5 extends the length of the pen overall by 0.20”

 The Lamy M22 Ballpoint -The M22 is one of Lamy’s popular ballpoint refill that allows for smooth writing and, although being extremely compact in size, holds a good ink capacity. These refills can be easily found through most online pen stores and popular sites like Amazon. Not included .


Design and Manufacturing Process

The LP-5 was designed and will be manufactured in North East Ohio in my personal machine shop. Each LP-5 will be produced and inspected to my very strict standards. Not only am I creating a great everyday tool for you, but I am also providing you a product of the highest quality. Like other craftsmen and skilled machinists, I take great pride in my work. I will certainly take pride in each LP-5 I create!

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