1 set (4) of 1.9 x .1.25 wide aluminum wheels (no rings or hardware)

BIG!! offset 1.050" (26.6mm) from front of wheel to  face

Rear depth is .088" (2mm) from front of wheel to face


This is pre order for design of choice along with beadlock bolt pattern of choice (18,20 or 24)

*******Sold as wheels only no rings, hubs or hardware.  Each wheel take 2 beadlock rings to complete

Wheels to be completed within 3 weeks or 100% money back guarantee

Wheels are supplied as raw aluminum

Beadlock patterns avalible

18 hole or 24 hole outer ring patter (2mm threads) Please see details belo

  • 18 hole Fits Motorworx and Locked up rc rings (only six holes used for locked up please visit website for directions)
  • 24 hole is for Vanquish or other “Vanquish Style” Rings

6 hole inner ring pattern (2mm threads)

  • Fits Motorworx and Locked up RC inner rings

SLW 6 bolt hub compatible 2.5mm and 4-40 screws fit. Please contact about 3mm screw fit

***Wheel inner diameter is 1.6" (40.6mm) There can be  interference between wheels and some portal axles or brass covers. Please contact if you have any questions.

Weight 115 grams each



"Butcher" 1.9 BeadlockWheel