This is pre order for design of choice. Full price includes wheels rings and all needed hardware along with t6 wrench and alignment stud

Wheels to be completed within 3 weeks or 100% money back guarantee

Wheels and rings are supplied as raw aluminum

Front bead lock is 18 holes only, if you like the 24 hole look I would recommend Locked Up RC rings

***Wheel inner diameter is 1.81" (46mm)

*************All wheels are to dimensions below********

1 set (4) of 1.9 x .950 wide aluminum wheels

.572" (14.5mm) from back of wheel to hub mounting face

Front depth is .305" (7.7mm) from front of wheel to face

Bead lock patterns available


  • 18-hole Fits Vision, Motorworx and Locked up rc rings (only six holes used for locked up please visit website for directions)

SLW 6 bolt hub compatible 2.5mm and 4-40 screws fit.


Weight 68 grams each


Pre-Order Portal Friendly" Wheel

  • If your pre-order wheels are not completed within the 3 week time of order there is a 100%  money back guarantee.

    These Are sold as wheels only no rings, hubs or hardware