We have developed a solution to replace the known weak point of the Clutch assembly in different Classic BMW models with an upgraded solution. 


The goal was not to change the pedal feel, but to restore the original condition and keep it like That for as long as possible. 

The spring replicates the factory design, while eliminating the weak points. 


After successfully launching Generation 1 and a lot of interest, we have decided to improve the materials and are now using aircraft Aluminium with partial hard anodizing. 


This part can be used to replace the following BMW part numbers: 35311152540 used in E28, E34, E24, E23, E32 and E31.

35311151990, which is used in all E30s and some E28s with smaller engines.


We highly recommend to reinforce the pedal box at the same time, as it is another known weak point in the assembly.

Clutch Over-Center spring