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Full price includes (set of 4) wheels rings and standard hardware. 


Wheels are “flat faced style” wheels where ring mounts directly to the face of the wheel giving maximum offset. Uses a single inner support ring that seats the bead on both ends. This type of wheel is simple but can sometimes be cumbersome to mount tire to. If you have any concerns, please reach out to us.

Front bead lock is 24 holes only,

***Wheel inner diameter is 2.110" (53.65mm)

*************All wheels are to dimensions below********

1 set (4) of 2.2 x .800(20.3mm) wide inside rings, 1.00 (25.4mm) outside of ring

.750 (18.75mm) from back of wheel to hub mounting face

Front depth is 0" from front of wheel to face

SLW 6 bolt hub compatible 2.5mm and 4-40 screws fit.


Weight 65 grams each no hardware 97 with hardware


2.2" Stepped 7 -High Offset"


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