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Thank you for signing up for reel information through Vision Metal Design. I apologies that updates have been limited and it has been a while since I first introduced the reels. This time was spent making sure the design and function is as good as possible.

I am happy to say that I have a few reels that are ready to be completed. These reels are 5-inch versions hard anodized black with titanium inlay along with matching titanium hardware like those I have posted on social media. The inlays them self are not finished so I would like to leave the choice up to those who are interested in purchasing. The choices are Honeycomb pattern with choice of color, Baskar themed inlays or the most recent Pheric pattern. I have attached images to this email to show each one.

The negative is that these reels will not ship with pouches, I do have around 300 pouches but unfortunately, they were made much too small for these reels. I do have new pouches in process but will not be available till late fall, as soon as they come in, they will ship asap to those who have purchased a reel.

I also would like to take the time to explain some features of this reel. The 5-inch reels come with German ABEC7 marine grade bearings. These are not just normal bearings but ones that have been chosen from many I have tested due to the great startup, smoothness, and durability. The clicker mechanism is unique and offers a good hold during transportation. Its compact design allows me to use the majority of the backplate to inset the titanium inlays. All exposed hardware is titanium and those you can not see are stainless steel. Clicker lever is now located on the backplate at six o’clock so it can easily be used as left- or right-hand retrieve. Clearance between the backplate and lever is now .005” which will not allow 4lb and up line from pinching between them. All components of the reel are replaceable, even where they can be done at home. This way if any damaged or unforeseen worn-out components occur, only that component will need to be replaced. Spare parts will be available in the very near future.

As for warranty we keep it simple, Make the customer happy. We currently have products in 14 countries and keep customer satisfaction as the number one priority. If your products have any defects, flaws or need replacement of parts due to defects in material or workmanship we will make it right. We also understand there are products once received that are just not for you, if this should happen, we offer a full refund along with shipping to return the product within 14 days. Any questions on this we will be happy to answer, and a reel will be supplied with warranty card and summary.

Cost- This batch of reels with inlay choice will be $825usd with $14.50 flat rate shipping in the US. All countries outside the US will be $32.50.

If all this sounds good and you are interested here are the next steps.

You can reply directly to this email or contact us at letting me know you are interested, and which inlays you would like to have. At this point I will confirm an email and start finishing your reel. Once I get the reel done (about 10 weekdays) I will respond with confirmation and how payment can process. All payments will be made through my site as a normal transaction so all documentation and receipts will be given and safely tracked.

Thank you for your time and interest in our reels. Any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.

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